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DRV Overseas Export is a reputed natural stone exporter and manufacturer in India that itself depicts thousand words when it comes to quality. Our progressive and professional approach to offering our services has helped us become the most trusted manufacturer and natural stone supplier. Although we started as a company based out of the northern part of India, today, we also have decades of expertise and experience in international export manufacturing. We offer our unfettered services exclusively for Home, Office, and Commercial Buildings. Alongside this, clients also visit us to help them with décor options for home and commercial interiors. The team of DRV Overseas Export stays updated on new techniques and the latest technologies to offer clients top-quality veneer that are worth value. All our clients are also given free samples so that they can check their authenticity. An array of large varieties in types, designs, and sizes are delivered at the most affordable and competitive prices in the market.

What makes us the best in the Industry

Our dedicated and undeterred determination has helped us become a natural stone company that can be trusted for its services. Therefore, if you are looking for “Indian stone suppliers near me”, then you should definitely visit us. Our highly proficient team is only one step away from helping and assisting the client with the stone supply

With more than two decades of industry experience, we make sure to remain at the top of the game by incorporating the latest and the most modern technologies. As a natural stone exporter, we make sure that it maintains its quality, strength, and uniqueness. We have been successful in providing our clients with top-quality manufactured stone supplies that stands erect in terms of quality.

Our goal is to maintain our status of being the leading manufacturer and exporter of natural stone supplier and manufacturer in the domestic and international markets. And therefore, we make sure to meet all the parameters that assure the client of our dedicated services. By adopting innovative approaches and techniques, we ensure that the customers receive their orders within the stipulated frame of time.

Our Work Process

Reasearch & Analysis


Research & Analysis

The very first thing we look into is researching and analyzing the product. We only source products that are the best in the market. With the aim of providing accessible services to our clients, we lay down competitive prices that are not very heavy on the pocket.
Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Process

We promise to deliver on time, we always are stringent about deliverables and timelines. To ensure this, we share samples for approvals before mass manufacturing.
Quality Control


Quality Control

There is no doubt about the fact that, as a stone supply company, we are all about quality. Therefore, we take into account all the necessary measures to ensure that the quality is top-notch. Our experienced team makes sure that the finished product is an identical copy of the approved sample. On the demand of the client, we also share reports and test results.



We have ties and connections with multiple logistic partners. Along with them, we ensure that the product is delivered without any harm and at the best freight prices. All our prices are inclusive of Insurance & Freight.

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our happy customers

Stone Veneer

Thankyou for proving a wonderful service. Before I contacted them, I had a hard time purchasing some grantie and pebble-stone material from a variety of other shops.

Stone Veneer

Super duper service, lots of stone venner artifacts and other home decor available liked lots of them! Prices are reasobale.

Stone Veneer

Wonderful place for your home interior and exterior long lasting and durable stone veneer.

Stone Veneer

Enhance the natural beauty of your house with best quality and long lasting nano stone.

Why Do Customers Purchase Stone Veneers

We are the most trusted natural stone supplier in India. The main reason that customers purchase our stone veneers are:

Cost Effective

Our stone veneers are very affordable. Rather than purchasing real stones, which are very expensive, stone veneers help to significantly cut down the overall cost of the project. Moreover, real stones are very heavy and expensive to ship as well. Therefore, if you are looking for “natural stone dealers near me”, then make sure to visit DRV Overseas Export

Easy to Install

Real stones can only be applied and installed onto limited materials. However, stone veneers can be easily installed on any surface, whether it be wood, cement, brick, metal, and many more.

Long Lasting

Fulfilling the expectations of numerous clients over the years, we have become the best natural stone manufacturers in India. The top-notch quality of our stone veneers makes them last much longer. Our stone veneers are made from hard and durable materials.

Easy to Take Care

It is very easy to clean stone veneers as compared to real stones. Unlike real rocks, which have many nooks and crannies, the easy and smooth surface of the stone veneer can be easily cleaned using standard cleaning materials.

Light Weight

Stone veneers are much lighter in weight than actual stones. This makes the transportation installation process much cheaper and easier.

Flexible for Curved Surfaces

Our stone veneers can also be easily installed on curved surfaces. Installing a real stone on a curved surface is an impossible task. But this is not the case with our stone veneers. Thus, if you are on the lookout for “natural stone suppliers near me”, then don’t waste any more time and give us a call.

Different Types of Stone Veneers that We Offer

Being the best natural stone company in India, we aim at offering the best quality stone veneers to our customers. The different types of stone veneers that we offer are: 

Light Beton & Mettalic

These are attractive light weight wall panels. Installing them gives the appearance of actual concrete walls. The metal sheets that are used include copper, brass, zinc, and pewter. People with plans of giving their place a contemporary atmosphere should definitely go for these.

Lami stone

Lami stone is a popular stone veneer that is known to provide a unique touch to any place. Lami stone provides a real stone and grainy texture. This material can be easily used with wood glue to construct beautiful and attractive walls, ceilings, cabinets, doors, interiors, and more.

Nano stone

Nano stone is the thinnest stone in the world. The thickness of this stone is not more than 50-100 microns. These are available in a wide array of shades and colors. Despite the thinness, the surface structure of this stone remains intact. It offers a unique and mesmerizing view to any place it is installed in.

Stand Stone and Marble

Today, one of the most popular ways in which marble and sandstone is used is in the form of veneers. These are one of the most elegant and beautiful natural stones. They offer an aesthetic and pristine quality to any place they are installed. Both of these popular natural stones are available in different colors and varities.We are the most trusted natural stone supplier in India. The main reason that customers purchase our stone veneers ar

Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you provide?

DRV Overseas Exports is one of the natural stone manufacturers in India. We have multiple products like Micro stone, stone veneers, nano stone, large stone, and much more. As per our products and services, we have become one of the best natural stone suppliers. We have a very compliant process as compared to any other natural stone company. DRV is one of the top-ranking websites when a person searches for natural stone dealers near me.

Do DRV provide good-quality stones?

Being a top-ranking natural stone supplier, we aim at providing top-notch quality to its customers. We are a top option that reflects in the stone company near me search. All the products that we offer are made of top quality making it the best natural stone company. Besides the products, the services provided by DRV are also pretty apt with a dedicated team for resolving any of your queries.

Is DRV an Indian brand?

DRV Overseas Exports is an Indian brand based out of Gurgaon and one branch in Delhi. We are a natural stone supplier that has been in the business for many years now. With good quality products and amazing quality, we have become the top-ranking brand when you search for a stone company near me. Today, DRV has become one of the top natural stone manufacturers in India. If you search for natural stone dealers near me, you will perhaps find DRV in the top ten.

What types of stones are available with you?

DRV is one of top most stone manufacturers in India, we are also the natural stone supplier. Hence, we have a huge list of natural stones that you can find with us. You will find stones like micro stone, translucent backlit stones, sandstone and marbles, nano stone, larni stone. We also provide services pertaining to tile designs, real concrete and so much more. All the above-mentioned stones are very easy to carry and simple too when it comes to installation.