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Sandstone & Marble - The Stone Fabric

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock primarily made of sand-sized grains. All of these individual grains are bonded together to form the rock. Being one of the renowned sandstone exporters in India, we strive to bring these unique rocks to your doorstep. We ensure that the sandstone marble we offer is of the best quality and can be used for any kind of monolithic application. Marble veneers are equally prominent and popular. These natural slime stone veneer sheets are made out of natural slate. A thin layer of the marble sheet is installed over another surface. This helps in giving the appearance that the whole wall if made of thick marble. This is the best way to save money without losing or diminishing the overall appearance. We supply the best quality natural slime stone veneers. The same Is true for sandstone and marble veneers. These thin veneers are very flexible and can be easily installed in any place such as on curved walls, between partitions, bathrooms, and more.

Sandstone & Marble features

100% Natural Stone Surface

Light weight

Extremely flexible

Easy to carry

Environment friendly

Water resistant

Endless applications

Quick installation

Tidy work

Impact resistant

Fire retardant

UV Resistance

Free from Formaldehyde

Wide Range of collection and sizes

Extremely easy to install

15 Colors Available in Sand Stone

WEIGHT PER SHEET :- 61X122 CM – 2.00 KGS & 122X244 CM – 8.00 KGS

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colors in Sandstone & Marble

Sandstone & Marble Features

Easy and quick installation

Sandstone marble is extremely easy to install and does not require any special skill, thus making it a preferred choice for indoor decorative uses. So now, end your search for the best sandstone suppliers near me with DRV Overseas Export.


Sandstone marble is available in varied shades and colours, making it a desired choice for the interior decoration of homes, hotels, offices, etc. Thus, order it now from one of the best sandstone wholesalers in India to adorn your property.

Long shelf life

The surface coat of quartz particles on sandstone prevents it from getting scratched or damaged, thus providing it with an extended lifespan. So now on, when you search for the best sandstone dealers near me on Google, opt for DRV Overseas Export.

Environment friendly

Being a natural stone resource, sandstone marble is eco-friendly. But are you searching for affordable environment-friendly sandstone suppliers near me? If yes, look no further than DRV Overseas Export!

Resistance to corrosion

The presence of quartz particles on the surface of sandstone marble makes it resistant to corrosion and damage caused by moisture. Thus, to ensure the longevity of your marble to corrosion, get it from one of the famous sandstone suppliers in India.

Weather resistance

As one of the leading sand and stone suppliers in India, DRV Overseas Export ensure that our sandstone marble is resistant to all weather conditions.

Cost- Effective 

As DRV Overseas Export usually leads the lists of best sand and stone suppliers near me searches, our price of sandstone marble is quite competitive compared to others in India. 

Why choose us?

100% Certified 

DRV Overseas Export is certified by a variety of leading agencies across the world. Also, as one of the leading sandstone manufacturers, we comply with all the mandatory standards set by these agencies.

Quality control standards

We follow strict quality control norms and check every item that passes through our system to ensure that only the best quality product reaches you. Our sandstone marbles are procured from the most reliable sources, making us one of the most trusted sandstone wholesalers.

Complete product range

As one of the best sandstone dealers in India, we have a comprehensive product range of sandstone marble. We ensure that our sandstone marble meets all the specific needs and requirements of our clients. With DRV Overseas Export, now put your search for sandstone dealers near me to the end.

Expertise in the field

We have years of experience and expertise in the field of heavy stone quarries, thus ensuring that we only offer top-notch quality services to our customers. Being one of the leading sandstone exporters in India, we guarantee all our clients against defects and damage in delivery.

Advantages of using sandstone marble

● Unlimited usage in different buildings: It is available in various shades and styles, thus making it ideal for use in various interior designs of homes, offices, etc.

● Cost-effective: Our prices of sandstone marble are amongst the most cost-effective compared to other vendors in India.

● Vast collection: Given its easy availability and wide range of colours, we offer sandstone marbles. It makes us one of the most versatile sandstone manufacturers in India.

● Durability: Sandstone marble flooring or other decors, once installed in your building, will be long-lasting, thus reducing the maintenance costs for your building.

Wide range of colours that we offer

● Red Sandstone: Reddish-purple, pinkish-brown, brown sandstone with a reddish tint.

● Beige Sandstone: A grey sandstone with a slightly yellowish tinge. 

● Light Brown Sandstone: Pale brown sandstone with a faintly pink colour. 

● Dark Brown Sandstone: Dark brown sandstones with a reddish tinge and reddish streaking are distributed in the stone. 

● Dark Red Sandstones are light red to very dark red and have an almost purple hue to the stones when viewed under soft light or incandescent light. 

● Blue/Blue-Green Sandstone: These are light to a darker blue with a greeny tint. The colour is more pronounced when viewed under incandescent light.

● Black Sandstone: Black sandstones with a yellowish tinge and brown streaking. 

● Gray Sandstones: Light grey to pale brown sandstones with strong streaking and spotting in the stones 

● Redstone (Pink Sandstone) – A medium to dark pinkish brown, opaque sandstone

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is the largest producer of sandstone?

Several countries are sandstone manufacturers like China, the United States, South Africa, and also India. DRV Overseas Export are very well-known sandstone exporters in India. We have great quality sandstone and marble which are power-packed with features like UV resistance, fire resistance, impact resistant, and more.

Where do we get sandstone in India?

If you are looking to get sandstones in India, then there is no better supplier than DRV Overseas Export. We are one of the leading sandstone manufacturers and also sandstone suppliers in India. The sandstones are available in different sizes and styles to match your requirements. DRV is also a sandstone wholesaler.

Who is the best producre of sandstone?

Among the many producers of sandstone in the world, the largest producers of sandstone are Norway, China, Brazil, and also India. If you search for sandstone suppliers near me, the results will have the name DRV Overseas Export. We provide sandstones that are of top-grade quality and they have a lot of features too.

Where is sandstone available in India?

There are many places where you can find sandstone deposits in India. They are to be found in places like Rajasthan, Bundi, Jhalawar, and Bikaner. If you are looking to get sandstone for your house or office decor, then DRV Overseas Export is one of the best places to get sandstone from as they are sandstone wholesalers.

What is the sandstone wholesalers price?

The whole price of sandstone differs from one sandstone wholesalers to another. On average, the sandstone price is around Rs. 20 to 45. The price also depends on the type of sandstone. You can get the best rates for sandstone with DRV Overseas Export, one of the biggest sandstone exporters in India. We have many different types of sandstone and marble at great prices. This is why DRV is the top result when you search for sandstone dealers near me.