Concrete Stone Veneer

Concrete Stone Veneer - The Stone Fabric

Various types of concrete stones are available in the market for different purposes. However, not all are 100% original. So, if you’re looking for one of the best concrete stone exporters in india, pick DRV Overseas Export. We manufacture the best quality concrete stone veneers that are hard, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. So, reach out to DRV, one of the top concrete stone suppliers in india, to get the best products.

Concrete Stone Veneer features

100% Natural Stone Surface

Light weight

Extremely flexible

Easy to carry

Environment friendly

Water resistant

Endless applications

Quick installation

Tidy work

Impact resistant

Fire retardant

UV Resistance

Free from Formaldehyde

Wide Range of collection and sizes

Extremely easy to install

Available Stone Sizes

WEIGHT PER SHEET :- 61X122 CM – 2 KGS & 122X244 CM – 8.00 KGS

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Types of concrete stone veneers


Basalt is one of the most popular concrete stones used in various applications such as road construction, house renovation, building walls, etc. It is durable, sturdy, and weather-resistant.


Granite is used in building walls, wall cladding, tabletops, dams, canals, etc. It has low porosity and is fire-resistant. Get quality granite from the best concrete stone suppliers in India, DRV.


Sandstone is a solid concrete stone used for house-building and construction purposes. You can get it in different colors (white, red, etc.) from the most reliable concrete stone supplier, DRV.


Limestone is another famous concrete stone used in flooring, roofing, and pavement construction. It is dense and compact and has a fine texture, perfect for interior design.

Why choose us?

Top-quality products

We deliver only the best quality concrete stone veneers. We follow a standardized protocol, from manufacturing to testing, to ensure the quality of our concrete stones.

Fast and secure delivery

We strive to provide timely delivery of your orders. Our team packages the concrete stones properly to prevent them from getting damaged and ensure safe delivery.

Excellent reviews

Positive customer reviews help determine the efficiency of the services you’re availing of. DRV has received uncountable positive reviews and ratings for our efficient service till date.

We support local businesses

As one of the top concrete stone manufacturers, DRV supports local businesses and helps them meet their orders and requirements on time with the best quality materials.

Advantages of concrete stones


Concrete stones are highly durable and won’t crack easily. So, get them from the best concrete stone suppliers in India to use them for a long time.


Concrete stones are weather-resistant and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. So, you can use them all around the year. Contact us to get the best concrete stone veneer.

Economically affordable

Concrete stone veneers are not very heavy on the pocket. Thus, they are easy to afford and use. Opt for DRV’s concrete stones at affordable rates to save more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DRV reliable for buying concrete stones?

As one of the most popular concrete stone exporters in india, we guarantee to deliver the topmost quality concrete stone veneers after thorough testing and inspection. So, if you’re searching for the 'best concrete stone dealers near me,' DRV is the most reliable choice.

Can I contact your customer care in case of any difficulty with my concrete stone order?

Yes, our customer support team is always available. Feel free to contact us if you want to track or update any changes in the delivery address/time on your placed order.

Are the basalt stones from DRV worth buying?

Basalt is one of our most common and widely sold concrete stones. You can undoubtedly get the best quality basalt stones from DRV.

Can I get free samples of concrete stones from DRV?

Yes, we can provide free samples of concrete stone veneers upon request. Being one of the best concrete stone manufacturers, we ensure transparency with our customers in terms of the quality of our stones.