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DRV is one of the top stone veneer manufacturers in India. Our aim is not just selling products to our customers, at DRV we put our best foot forward to create designs that complement the existing decor. We first understand our client’s requirements and then see what their existing decor is lacking. Then we provide our clients with options that will suit their requirements best.

If a customer searches for manufactured stone veneers near me, DRV is amongst one of the top results. We ensure that our customers are involved in all aspects of the process so that they are satisfied with the results. This helps in creating unique designs that are in sync with the current color theme and other decors along the space.

Stone veneers are pieces of decor that need to be put in place keeping in mind a lot of things. The first process is to select the stone veneer. As one of the top stone exporter in India, we have many different types of stone veneers available. There are mainly three categories of stone veneers with us.


1-3 MM Semi Flexible Stone Veneer

When it comes to wall decor, there are many options to choose from. However, if you are looking to keep it upbeat and chic, then going with a stone veneer decor is the right way to upgrade the old-fashioned way of wall decor. As the name suggests, the stone veneer is flexible and is great for complex decor too. At DRV.

We believe in bringing the best to you when it comes to adding that lavishness to your house or any other establishment. At DRV, we are the top stone veneer dealers, and for us, it is all about being original while being classy.

0.5-0.7 MM Super Flexible Stone Veneer

With each client, we are successfully bringing so much more to the table in terms of quality and variations, just like the 0.5-0.7 MM Super Flexible Stone Veneer. This has also made us one of the top stone exporter in India. We follow a thorough process in all our endeavors, always keeping it original.

Our team of experts works hard to bring to you splendid stone veneer designs that are top-grade when it comes to quality while keeping the designs fresh. We believe in creating new designs and styles that are not available in the market. We have a carefully crafted catalog that will provide you with information about all the different products that we have on board.

1-3 MM Translucent Stone Veneer

At DRV we understand that only satisfying the customers will not be enough. We also understand that contributing to the environment is equally important. Hence, it is our continuous effort to create products and designs which are safe for the environment like the 1-3 MM Translucent Stone Veneer. That is why we come in the top searches when you search for – manufactured stone veneer near me.

Our stone veneers are eco-friendly as part of our green initiative. We take from nature but try to give back more than we take so that there is a balance between our business and also the environment.

These stone veneers from DRV are loaded with benefits like beautiful stone surfaces, next-to-nothing weight, Flexible, Durable, Convenient to carry around, and ease of installation.

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The well-being of our employees is our number one priority.


Great style and design are consistent in all our products.


We don’t just meet international standards for quality. We surpass them.


Our countless awards are proof of our commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Us

If you search for stone veneer suppliersnear me, you will see DRV as we are the top stone veneer suppliers in India. There is more than just one reason to choose us.

Years Of Experience

Primarily our extensive experience is one of the main reasons why you should choose us, we have more than two decades of experience in providing stone and other natural decors.

Quality Products

The next reason is the different products that are available to us. These products are of the utmost quality. This is because we ensure that our products pass all quality control processes. We have more than 100 quality checking processes, ensuring that the product you take is top grade.

Easy Purchase Process

We also pride ourselves on providing proper guidance to our clients. We don’t just sell our product, but we aim at elevating your decor. Our purchase process is hassle-free, it makes the buying process so simple for you.

On-time Delivery

Once you have made the purchase, we ensure that the product is delivered to you before the promised time. There are hardly any cases where the delivery is beyond the promised time. Besides, our after-sales process happens without any errors as customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Quick Response

We value our customers even if they do not purchase with us, we provide a quick response to any query, be it our existing customer or our new client. This makes us one of the best stone veneer suppliers in India. We also provide free samples or factory visits on request so our customers have the utmost clarity before making any purchases.

Certified Products

All our products are certified by ISQ, CE, and other major platforms in the industry. This ensures and gives a sense of security to the customers that they are getting quality products. Our after-sales services are also on spot. Whether it is a minor inquiry or a major issue that needs attention, we are there for you whenever you need us.

All things after consideration, we have put together a proper structure that works for all our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best stone veneer dealer near me?

When searching for stone veneer dealers near me, you will find DRV Overseas Exports as one of the top searches. We are the best stone veneer manufacturers in India. We provide stone veneers that are of top grade. Besides catering to the Indian market, DRV is also known as the leading stone exporter in India. We are known for our quality products as well as a very welcoming staff that helps you in finding the best stone veneer as per your requirement.

Are the stone veneers from DRV water-resistant?

Yes, the stone veneers from DRV are water-resistant. Now you can be peaceful about the veneer getting ruined by water. Owing to such good quality, DRV is one of the leading stone veneer suppliers in India. We have been making a strong presence in the stone manufacturing market for a few years now. With distribution in India, We have also grown as a stone exporter in India over the past few years.

Do you have varieties in your stone veneers?

The stone veneers from DRV come in different sizes from 1-3 MM Semi Flexible Stone Veneer to 1-3 MM Translucent Stone Veneer. We also have 0.5-0.7 MM Super Flexible Stone Veneer. So, whatever your requirement may be, DRV will have the right option for you. It is the main reason why we have become one of the biggest stone veneer suppliers in India. If you search for stone veneer suppliers near me, DRV will be amongst the top search results.

Can you provide free samples for the stone veneers you have?

At DRV, we value our customers and we want them to have all the options with them before they can make their final call. Given that we have so many options in stone veneers, it is easy to get confused. Hence, we provide a free sample of which stone you would like to check out. We can also schedule a factory visit on request for customers who are keen to know more about how the stone veneers are manufactured. This service from us is the primary reason why we are one of the top stone veneer suppliers in India.