Lami Stone

Lami Stone - The Stone Fabric

Lami stones are useful in providing an innovative, barrier-free method of converting natural gas into liquid fuels and green gases. As one of the leading limestone exportersin India, we at DRV Overseas Export bring this one-of-a-kind stone to your door. As its name suggests, Lami stone comes from cast iron laminates that are cooled down in the water and then extracted under a vacuum. This natural stone has established its popularity thanks to the wide range of colors and textures it offers. Another quality that makes it a preferable choice is its durability. The installation of this thin veneer guarantees to provide a timeless elegance to your place. Lami stone is a very low-maintenance and durable natural stone. This also means that you will not have to worry about spending more that you want. Its less weight makes is cost effective for transportation. It is also easier and faster to install. The premium quality of our Lami stone veneers makes it good choice to be installed in columns, bathrooms, partitions, doors, furniture, and more.

Lami Stone features

100% Natural Stone Surface

Light weight

Extremely flexible

Easy to carry

Environment friendly

Water resistant

Endless applications

Quick installation

Tidy work

Impact resistant

Fire retardant

UV Resistance

Free from Formaldehyde

Wide Range of collection and sizes

Extremely easy to install

Available Stone Sizes

1220×610, 1850×610, 2100×1050, 2400×900, 2440×1220, 2650×1250, 2800×1250

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colors in Lami Stone

Advantages of Lami Stone

1. 100% Natural stone surface

This stone is made from natural and recycled materials, free from synthetic chemicals. At DRV Overseas Export, one of the leading limestone manufacturers in India, we guarantee that the stone surface is 100% natural, which makes them versatile for different applications.

2. Environment friendly

As one of the leading limestone dealers in India, we guarantee that the low ash emissions from our Lami stone do not cause respiratory problems like those caused by wood or coal stoves. This means it is a safe option for households with children, cooking and heating food, etc.

3. Wide range of collections and sizes

Our years of expertise in the domain make us one of the best limestone manufacturers in India. Thus, we strive to provide Lami stone in various colours and sizes, customizing your decor. So from now on, if you are searching for high-quality limestone suppliers near me on Google, look no further than DRV Overseas Export!

4. Water-resistant, impact resistant and fire retardant 

Lami stone can be stored for up to 10 years at room temperature because of its standard quality. Our company provides lami stone that is water resistant, impact resistant and fire retardant, making it more durable and giving it a longer shelf life. So, from now whenever you are searching for the best limestone suppliers near me, DRV Overseas Export is your ideal destination!

5. Easy to carry and extremely flexible 

Lami stone is lightweight and compact, which makes it easier to transport.We at DRV Overseas Export assure to provide easy-to-carry limestone. So, when you search for the best limestone dealers near me on Google, we are the only ones that come to your mind!

6. Easy and quick installation

Lami stone does not require heavy tools for transportation. Moreover, its lightness reduces the need for large plants for installation. As one of the best limestone suppliers in India, we assure you that our Lami stone is easy to install and doesn’t require professional assistance.

Why choose us?

1. High quality and value for money

We are an established limestone company in India that provides competitive prices to customers all over the world. We are well-known for providing excellent customer service and upholding high-quality standards.

2. Timely and safe delivery

As one of the best limestone exporters in India, we can deliver the goods within 3-5 days after we receive the payment and arrange everything, including customs clearance and air freight forwarding. So, if you want to find the most reliable limestone exporter near me, look no further than DRV Overseas Export!

3. After-sale service

If there are any problems with the piece of stone, we will solve them immediately for your satisfaction. Our customer service representatives are very responsible and friendly, providing you with professional service. 

4. Our chic style

We can help you choose the design or layout of your custom stone and also help you find local suppliers or factories to produce your order. We also provide customized packing options – Bubble bag, bubble wrap, and pallet. So, you can get everything as per your choice from this limestone company in India.

Advantages of Lami stone

● No formic acid – Highly durable material that only emits water vapor.

● It is porous – allows heat to be transferred quickly and evenly without conductive heat loss.

● It is versatile – You can customize them in different designs depending on your choice.

● Safe for children- No chemicals are undesirable for kitchen use.

● Durable – Can last up to a lifetime, depending on how well you maintain it.

Wide range of colors that we offer

● Red: Specially to make your home more beautiful.

● White: Specially to make the surface bright, elegant and clean.

● Golden: Perfect for cooking and decoration purposes at home.

● Brown: Perfect for lighting or decoration purpose at home.

● Grey: It works best on tiled floors, walls or terrace flooring, and glazed tiles

● Green: Best to use as a tabletop, flooring, and other indoor uses 

● Blue: Best to use as a tabletop, flooring, and other indoor uses 

Frequently AsKed Questions

1. Which country exports Limestone?

Many countries in the world are well-known as exporters of limestone. Some of the major contributors are Egypt. Arab and India. DRV Overseas Export is one leading limestone exporters in India. DRV is one of the biggest suppliers as well as limestone manufacturers who are known for their quality as well as the service that they provide.

2. Who are the best manufacturers of limestone in India?

India is amongst the few nations that deal in limestones. In India, DRV Overseas Export are the best manufacturers. Besides manufacturing, DRV also is one of the biggest limestone exporters in India. Given the different variety of limestones that DRV manufactures and exports, it is one of the top results when you search for limestone suppliers near me. With a track record of the highest quality, DRV is the most sought-after choice for limestone.

3. Who supplies limestone?

There are many limestone suppliers in the market when you search for limestone suppliers near me that supply limestone of good quality. Amongst the many suppliers in India, it is important to find the one which provides good quality limestone and also offers variations. DRV is one such limestone company in India that provides quality limestone. This has made DRV the top result when a person searches for limestone dealers near me.

4. What is Limestone used for?

As limestone is an essential source of calcium oxide, it is used in a variety of operations like mining, steel manufacturing, paper production, plastic production, and also water purification. If you are searching for a limestone company in India, then you can check out DRV Overseas Export. They are the leading manufacturers as well as suppliers of limestone. You can ask for sample to know more about it.

5. Where is limestone most found?

Limestone can be useful for a lot of purposes. However, it is important to know where to find limestones. Limestone can be found in reefs, lagoons, and windblown dunes. The limestone takes time to form and also it takes to get it from its sources. To get the best quality limestones, you can reach out to DRV Overseas Export as we are the best limestone supplier in India.